Which Classic Scenery Suits You?

When considering where to take your engagement photos, first look, or where to stop your party bus on your wedding day for some photo ops, think ultimately about the final photo results and what style suits you best.

While these styles can be quite opposite, we feel brick creates both urban and rural vibes complimenting a city chic or rustic theme.


Alleyways, industrial areas, and a barren town make for a trendy backdrop that may be filled with memories of you traveling through the area many, many times before.

Trees or Greenery:

A large grouping of trees or greenery can be one of the most timeless and easy to find backgrounds.
Open Sky:

Clear blue skies or dramatic clouds give a grand, yet dreamy, backdrop.
Beach or Water:

We’re not completely landlocked, so take advantage of the gorgeous imagery and reflections a lake provides

Which classic scenery represents you best and is a must-have at your wedding? Maybe you’d enjoy a mix of two or something entirely unique!? Let us know what you’re looking for in your event profile and let us guide you into the right direction!

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Winter Wedding Recap

Fur coats, shawls, berry accents, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. We may still have some cold days ahead, but we wanted to share a few snaps our photographers captured from the winter season that we can’t get enough of!

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Attending a wedding before your own?

If you’ve RSVP’d to a wedding (or five!) this Spring or Summer and happen to be planning your own wedding, use these as great opportunities to see what really matters most to the happy couple and to the guests at the event. While you’re sipping wine and enjoying the love-filled evening with your fiance, look for details you may be sweating over that just don’t really matter, and validate some of your thoughts on your own wedding goals. (YES, we need to spend a bit extra on a same day edit!)

We’ve listed a few thoughts and questions to think about at the next wedding you attend!



A unique venue may be worth it if you can save on decorating the space to create your ideal evening ambiance. Factors that can help fulfill your wedding vision could be moody dark linens and uplighting or heavenly light linens and twinkle lights. What aspects of a wedding speak to you to set the mood?


Additional Roles:

Do they list hosts, personal attendants or other roles on their program? Think of all the volunteers (with fancy titles) it takes to put on a wedding? Do you have enough so you won’t have to worry about any details on your big day?



Are there statement pieces that you notice more than others or decor you barely noticed at all? Perhaps the centerpieces make the difference for you versus a highly-decorated dessert table. Maybe renting/borrowing an item (from someone who just had a wedding perhaps?!) versus creating it on your own is the way to go.


Did they serve their food buffet or plated style? Were there options for those with a gluten free, vegetarian, or paleo diet? Did they offer appetizers or have a static snack or candy table? Typically being a large percentage of the budget, think about if food matter more to you than a decor piece or second photographer even, or if you’re a foodie who needs it all!



What really made their wedding a blast for you? Maybe an interactive game, photo booth or ice breaker activity had the guests mingled and excited for the evening from the start. Did the DJ get the grandma on the dance floor?


It doesn’t hurt to do your research at an actual wedding versus wanted to execute on something you see online that a professional might of created. Of course, be realistic about what can be accomplished in time before your wedding date and what can be added into your budget. But there is nothing like a real wedding to spark ideas for your own and remind you the true meaning and purpose of the day!

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